Vanmoof lights

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Vanmoof lights

Their bikes have an unusual and eye-catching geometry. The top tube appears to be far too long for the frame and protrudes at both the back and the front. The brothers have taken a radical approach to the design of their bikes, so it stands to reason that when they applied their minds to security the results would be unexpected.

Peace of mind comes in three phases. First is rider recognition. Bluetooth technology allows the bike to respond to you when you approach. It automatically unlocks the bike and disarms the theft-defence system. If this also fails, there is then a tamper-detection setting.

Anyone meddling with the bike will set off an earsplitting alarm after which it disables its own motor and flashes SOS with its lights. The message to thieves is pretty clear: this bike is way too much hassle to steal. I am sure there must be art masterpieces protected by far flimsier arrangements. They will spring into action to recover the stolen bike and if they fail to find it within two weeks, VanMoof will replace it.

So, I think we can presume no one is going to steal your precious VanMoof. Various models are on offer, but this month sees the launch of a new range of electric bikes, the S2 and X2.

They feature an intelligent motor that generates more power with greater efficiency and an increased range of 93 miles. They also have a smile-inducing turbo boost. There are so many likeable details on the VanMoof: from the tiny matrix read-out in the frame which displays speed, battery level and power-assist level to the integrated super-bright lights.

To ride, the S2 is whisper quiet and very comfortable. And you can stop lugging that heavy lock around, too. Email Martin at martin. Cool kit. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Technology Bicycle of the week.

The best electric bikes for commuters in 2020

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vanmoof lights

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Commuting by bicycle, though laudable, can be hard work. So it makes sense to supplement your human pedal power with a little electrical help, especially if you have a hilly route to the office or no desire to arrive to a meeting in any kind of a sweat.

This is where the ever-growing market of electric bikes comes in. Fortunately, gone are the days of the hugely expensive, unreliable first versions, which were never taken seriously anyway.

Now the choice is vast, the prices are reasonable on the whole and performance and range has in general been greatly increased. Here, we takes a look at six of the best e-bikes available right now, each being the ideal option for a specific kind of commute. You may also be interested in our guide to the best folding bikes. Click here for more no-nonsense buying guides and read our best gadgets guide for our no. Pros: Awesome turbo button Cons: Complicated relationship with app. Should an e-bike actually look like an e-bike?

Vanmoof think so. And the Electrified S has a host of features to prove it. The features continue with integrated lights and a minimalist display set into the top tube that relays charge, speed and level of assist. That cheeky extra 5kph is enough to make the Vanmoof the bike for city riding at pace. The S also features a Turbo Boost button that puts the motor at full assistwhich was a welcome bonus nipping across busy intersections or powering out of a tight corner where your speed has dropped.

The only downsides to all that connectivity? We experienced some random light flashing and occasional beeping on the stationary bike, as well as confusion with the bike not switching on occasionally.

In some ways the connectivity is just a little too clever read complicated for its own good. Specs: weight, Pros: A paired back and stylish e-bike Cons: Uncomfortable handlebar, single-speed impractical.

The bikes are differentiated with finishing kit - handlebar style, bar-tape, saddle and paint finish. Weighing in at a very reasonable The biggest drawback to the Soho is that on a single-speed the Over the cut-off speed we found ourselves dragging that heavy back wheel with no alternate gears to reach for.

We can see why. Right from the off, the bike oozes comfort. Its classic Dutch sit-up-and-beg geometry combined with pedal assist makes it a smooth, comfortable, almost effortless ride.

The Bosch mid-mounted motor in the bottom bracket shell delivers impressive, even power with four settings selectable via the left-hand handlebar mounted button and displayed on the central Intuvia LCD display.

We ran the C almost entirely in its speediest Turbo setting, switching back to Eco or Tour in heavy traffic for a more predictable assistance weaving between cars. The Gazelle was made for city commutes - the riding position is relaxed yet so upright, you can look around, over car roofs and feel confident even in heavy traffic. The Orange is no fly-weight, though.

Pros: Black-on-black industrial aesthetic Cons: Laggy engagement on assist motor. Kalkhoff has paired this with a mid-range Shimano Tiagra 1x10 speed drive-train and effective Shimano M hydraulic disc brakes. Out on the street that generous stem and bar combination gives the Berleen a cruiser feel.

The riding position is comfortable, although the wide bars make aggressive city riding in tight traffic tougher.The city bikes from Dutch brand VanMoof are easy to recognise by the thick top tube that transitions into the front and back lights. At VanMoof, design also encompasses the integration of the electronics and connectivity, the design of business processes — and ultimately the aspiration to change society as well. Bicycles are parked on a busy street. Two young men approach; one takes out a cordless angle grinder and starts cutting open the lock on one of the bikes.

But even when the police arrive, the men remain totally unfazed. And besides revealing a great deal about Dutch bicycle culture in general, it tells you a lot about young Amsterdam bicycle brand VanMoof in particular — especially its interpretation of design.

It currently employs around people all over the world, 50 to 60 of them at its Amsterdam headquarters alone. It would seem, then, that this is a different story altogether — and a thoroughly successful one at that. In an attempt to uncover its secret, we paid the company a visit at its headquarters in Mauritskade, a street in the eastern part of Amsterdam.

An atrium establishes a direct link between the bright and unpretentious flagship store and workshop on the ground floor and the offices in the upper storey.

The display includes the current basic models of the VanMoof bicycle as a standard version, a Smart Bike or an Electrified S, i.

VanMoof Dusenjager Single Speed Bicycle, Shimano Generator hub powers front and rear lights

Like the original VanMoof, they make a thoroughly minimalistic impression and feature the element the brand is best known for: a thick top tube with the front and back lights integrated into its ends. And that means eliminating the obstacles that currently discourage people from riding a bike in the city.

The problems that Taco Carlier wants to solve along the way include things like bicycle theft, which is as rampant in Amsterdam as anywhere else. As well as the integration of wireless digital technologies that turn the bicycle into a smart bike, it also includes some innovative service offerings.

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The owner can report the theft of his bicycle via an app. Only then is the bike tracking system activated — and the Bike Hunters mentioned at the beginning set to work.

They start by locating the cell site the bike is within range of and then look for its Bluetooth signals, which can even penetrate the walls of a basement or apartment. The company is verticalised, meaning it has its own sales channels in the form of online shops and a network of its own brand stores in major cities like San Francisco, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Taipei and Berlin.

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Now VanMoof sells directly to its customers, which allows the company to keep everything under its own control. As a result, its fans and customers have the chance to be part of a success story that also demonstrates how much design is capable of. An interview with Taco Carlier, co-founder of VanMoof, about smart bikes in major cities and designing an entire company around the product. Interview: Martin Krautter. Taco Carlier: Very funny!

vanmoof lights

We had a problem with shipping, especially to the US. Design works! I studied industrial design engineering at Delft University of Technology.

The course gives just as much weight to aspects like the materials, engineering and production processes of consumer goods as it does to their actual design.

So I actually come from a very technical background, although today I mainly attend to sales, marketing and design here in Amsterdam, whereas my brother takes care of the engineering, technology and assembly side of things in Taiwan, where the suppliers are. Ties and I were in New York. We rented bikes and realised that New York City could actually be a perfect city for cyclists.

That was nine years ago; happily, things have changed a bit since then. Even so: we got to wondering why people ride bikes in Amsterdam but not there. What would a bike destined for New York need to be like? We started integrating more and more functional elements into the frame, and the design just kept evolving with things like anti-theft features, an electric drive and so on, until we ended up with the smart connected bike we sell today.

So let me put it another way: why do other bicycles all look the same? Hardly any manufacturers develop parts themselves.

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If you want specially designed lighting, for instance, you have to be prepared for long negotiations with the lamp producer. Our goal is a bike with an integrated design — all the components are designed by us, so the product looks like a seamless whole and not just a pile of parts.The innovative Vanmoof X Philips, pedal-powered lighting system offers degree nighttime sightlines on your way to an early morning meeting, back home on your evening commute, or stop over for after work supper.

An ingenious integrated afterburner keeps the lights going at full stop for up to 15 minutes; making your pauses at traffic signals always visible. Sporting a fully-anodized frame and enclosed chainguard the percent rustproof Vanmoof 3.

This particular model boasts front and rear roller breaks, a 7-speed internal-gear hub, built-in seat post clamp, and a useful little bell. My only concern with the build is the short front fender, which could have easily been extended by an inch or two to provide more coverage from street grime.

And at a retail price of under a thousand dollars, you will be hard-pressed to find another ride that offers comparable style and confidence at a similar price.

The new Vanmoof M3 collection will be in stores late this summer with more models, colors and the addition of single speeds, 2-speeds, 3-speeds and 8-speeds to the line-up.

Sean Elbe lives in downtown Vancouver. Written by: Sean Elbe. Autumn Gear Guide Find inspiration in our Gear Guide that will keep you out on your bike through wind or rain. Download Now. Trending Now….Aside from its classic good looks, it features a durable frame and solar-powered LED lights that are built right in to foil would be thieves.

Each elegant bike is made from rust-free aluminum, which makes it a featherweight compared to other similarly-sized cycles.

In addition to the solar-powered lights, which by the way can be charged through the micro USB of a cell phone, there are other theft-prevention measures in place like an ABUS X-plus cylinder chain lock built right into the lightweight frame.

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A frame of mind – VanMoof rethinks bicycle design

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Bicycles Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles. It only takes a minute to sign up. Can anyone report on how durable the philips lights built into the frame of a Vanmoof city bike are? I can't tell if being partially inside the top tube will protect them, or make them more vulnerable since they'll have to stop the entire bike if you bash them into a bike rack or something.

I am a happy Vanmoof owner for about two years here in Amsterdam. It's never occurred to me at all to be worried about the lights hitting a bike rack, or anything else. Even if they did, they're pretty solid and I would imagine you'd need to bang at them pretty hard to damage them.

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The LED itself is pretty deep so I wouldn't worry about the functionality of the light of you banged the lens. The lens could break if you hit it. I haven't hit mine so I can't comment on the durability - in general my S3 is a tank. Having the light in the tube certainly protects it from all angles other than head on though.

I do have one complaint about the light - when I am rolling faster than 15ish mph on a dark bike path at 5am on my way to work I wish the light were focused a little higher as my eyes want to look about 10 feet beyond the usable arc of light - I'm hoping to be able to just swap out the LED in the future for a brighter version that still works with the dynamo as it is.

A frame of mind – VanMoof rethinks bicycle design

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How durable are the lights on a Vanmoof?

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Don't bash your bike into a bike rack. Really what is the chance you are going to strike an object light high? Bike racks are not that tall.

vanmoof lights

I'm living in europe; the racks here are often way higher than the crumby low ones that were still common in the USA, where I lived before. Pedals in spokes and frames, handlebars constantly getting tangled in the cables of adjacent bicycles If your bike is in the "high" part of some racks, the handlebars of the two "low" adjacent bikes are at about light height.

For even more context, I'm deciding between a Batavus Blockbuster, Gazelle Arroyo C7, and a similarly equipped vanmoof, if I can find one. On the two more traitional dutch bikes, the light is the cheeziest part on the bike and looks like it will break the first time it gets knocked.

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