Download securepak spring torque tester manual high school

Its ergonomic design is small enough to put in a pocket. The Secure Pak Digital Torque Testers makes control of closure tightness easier and more reliable than ever before. The Secure Pak Secure Seal Tester allows you to test thread and seal integrity on your glass or plastic carbonated beverage containers.

We calibrate torque testers and return them with a certificate of calibration, and, upon customer request, refurbish them to like-new condition. The Secure Pak Spring Torque Tester is designed to control cap tightness, an essential factor in bottling operations.

The Secure Pak Digital Torque Tester makes control of closure tightness easier and more reliable than ever before. The Secure Pak Computer Interface Torque Tester improves upon the industry standard we've set for the reliable control of closure tightness. Are you planning to buy the best testing equipment to fulfill your quality control requirements?

You can rely on SecurePak to sell high quality products at the most affordable prices. You can find amazing spring, digital and computer interface torque tester Amazon deals when you buy our products online.

SecurePak Torque Tester products meet international standards and you can expect high reliability. Our torque testers, as well as seal testers, guarantee exceptional performance and you can enjoy amazing durability as well. We also offer calibration and repair solutions to meet the varying needs of different customers.

Leading brands all around the world depend on us for the most dynamic and efficient torque tester products of exceptional quality at very affordable prices.

download securepak spring torque tester manual high school

Digital Torque Tester. Secure Pak's Torque Tester is the benchmark for equipment used in testing cap application. Built To Last! Secure Pak's Torque Tester units are well-made, durable, and reliable. You can trust us for your everyday Torque Testing and Seal Testing needs! Discover more. Seal Tester. Computer Interface. Torque Tester. Set for the reliable control of closure tightness by interfacing our Digital Torque Tester with your RS compatible computer or printer.

Cap tightness control at the tip of your fingers. The Secure Pak Calibration Kit allows you to create a regular calibration schedule for your Torque Tester at your location. We offer several accessories for our equipment to improve and maintain their performance. Secure Seal tester. SecurePak Torque Tester Are you planning to buy the best testing equipment to fulfill your quality control requirements? Our Customers. Contact Us.Learn More. Offering everything from digital, hand-operated units to our automated Inline unit, Mesa has the cap torque analyzer for your needs.

With both cold and hot fill customers, Mesa has the machinery and the custom tooling to meet the needs of beverage bottlers large and small.

download securepak spring torque tester manual high school

With the capabilities of accurately testing new designs such as ROPP caps and with spirit specific accessories, Mesa is the logical choice for spirit packagers. From bottled food drinks to kitchen table staples, Mesa offers a torque analyzer to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the food bottling industry.

Child-resistant caps and low-volume capping can be tough pills to swallow for some manufacturers, not Mesa! Plastic on plastic: squeezables, child resistant, tamper evident, eye dropper, pumps, desiccated. Super-charge your torque analyzer by customizing tooling to meet the specifications of your bottling requirements. With solutions for harsh industrial environments, Mesa is the ideal choice for introducing a torque analyzer product into your production process.

Request Calibration. Skip to content. Lakewood, CO Facebook page opens in new window Twitter page opens in new window YouTube page opens in new window Linkedin page opens in new window Website page opens in new window.

Manual Torque Testers. Torqo Gold Bottle. See the full product line that Mesa Labs has to offer for all of your cap torque testing needs. Recent Articles. Manual or Automatic? Torque Testers in the Chemical Industry March 20, Torque in the Medical Device Industry February 21, October 16, Upgrade to a new unit today. Whether you have an older Torqo or SureTorque unit, or a competitive torque analyzer unit, Mesa offers multiple solutions to make sure you have accurate and dependable readings for years to come.The Secure Pak Digital Torque Tester makes control of bottle cap closure tightness easier and more reliable than ever before.

The Digital Torque Tester is one step above the Spring Torque Tester, which has been setting the industry standard for years. For an additional charge, we can furnish these testers with a Teflon finish on all exposed metal parts. This provides a hard, wear-resistant, anti-stick, permanently lubricated surface that will resist chipping, cracking, flaking, and peeling. This Teflon coating will protect the tester from damage by most chemicals, ingredients, and solvents.

Specialist supplier of scientific water analysis, beverage and laboratory test equipment. Chemicals List of Chemicals Glassware Glassware. Applications: Beverage factory and Breweries for quality control of bottle caps Features: Covers the entire testing range of cap sizes operating from 0 inch lbs, for both removal and application Reads in 0. Additional information Weight 0. Related Products Saccharometers — Brix Hydrometers. List of Chemicals. Gauge Tester — Zahm Series CO2 Volume Meter — Series Our company About us View our corporate brochure What our customers say about us.

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Products Special offers New Products Product lists in. Newsletter Signup Stay up-to-date with our monthly newsletter. Corporate Member Wildlife Society.Cap tightness control is an unavoidable process in bottling plants. If the cap application and tightness is not done properly, issues such as evaporation and leakage may pop up. Excess tightness can also make molded closures extremely vulnerable to breakage. Removal becomes difficult as well. Here are the special order ranges:. Once the order is received, we ship our Spring Torque Testers within one to two weeks.

Standard UPS is shipped under normal circumstances. Custom versions are made available upon special request. We make use of double wrapping and double boxing to ship the Spring Torque Tester to ensure supreme protection.


Spring Torque Tester. With the MR model, the indicator can be seen only on the removal side You can see the indicators on the application as well as removal sides with the MRA model. The standard ranges of MR and MRA models are given below: The standard range of these models stands in between inch lbs which reads in 1 inch lb.

When there are 0. The weight of this product is 12 lbs. The package weight is 15 lbs. More Products. We Also Offer. Calibration Kits. Calibration Services.

Repair Services. Start your next project with us. Contact Us.The Springtest 1 is a very simple and economical system to control compression springs of small capacity up to 1 kN.

It includes a very accurate force gauge, a manual test stand, a digital ruler and a special compression plate for springs.

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The measuring head internal load cell with strain gauges indicates the force applied, the ruler displays the deflection or the height under load. The bottom self levelling plate guarantees the parallelism of the plates. The system Springtest 1 is very easy to use and it is designed to perform your measurements quickly.

The quality and repeatability of the results are ensured through a specific design made by Andilog Technologies.

The manual test stand features a small footprint, durable design, portable and a digital travel display. Combined with our Centor force gauges, the Springtest 1can measure any compression spring in production or laboratory for an affordable price. The force gauge Centor Easy is designed to meet the production needs of its users and offers indispensable feature for quality controls, such as: ease of reading with its large backlit graphical display, internal memory of the last values, RS output and ability to set thresholds with visual and sound alarms.

The M5 thread at the back of the device enables the mounting of on the wire tester Wiretest T1. Typical applications : integration in valves, industrial machines, etc. Measuring forces of a spring is one of the most important test to determine the quality of a springs.

Indeed all the springs are designed to have an expected force at a particular height, it is essential to validate the calculations and especially the manufacturing parameters by measuring forces. This test is to measure the force of very small compression spring. We achieved this goal thanks to a culture of innovation and a strict quality policy.

For each measurement case of force or torque, Andilog is creating an innovative and ergonomic solution. We offer measuring devices such as test benches, software, force and torque gauges, digital displays, manual and motorized test stands.

We also have every possibility of calibration in force and torque in our laboratory. Our experience as a designer, a manufacturer and an integrator of portable force measuring systems allows us to offer integrated products into complete systems for assembly or manufacturing. All these products feature the latest technologies and are designed for ease of use by industry technicians, laboratory or research. Click Here for Larger Image. Highlights: Easy to use High accuracy: 0.

Precise verification of springs with display of the force and displacement The Springtest 1 is a very simple and economical system to control compression springs of small capacity up to 1 kN. Graphical force gauge Centor Easy The force gauge Centor Easy is designed to meet the production needs of its users and offers indispensable feature for quality controls, such as: ease of reading with its large backlit graphical display, internal memory of the last values, RS output and ability to set thresholds with visual and sound alarms.

Self-leveling plate and compensate for distortions During the first use and periodically, it is necessary to adjust the parallelism between the compression plate and the self levelling plate. To do this, loosen of the self-levelling plate and go down with the compression plate to bring together the two plates. To ensure even greater accuracy and compensate for distortions in the system, it is recommended to apply a force between two plates equivalent to the force measured on your springs.

Once this force is reached, lock the self levelling plate by tightening the screws. Then press zero on the displacement sensor. You can then test all your springs. Simply place the spring on the Springtest 1, then turn the handle to go down with the force gauge to have the desired height. Write then the value of the force or transfer this value to your computer. Principle of operation: The force gauge with its internal load cell, Centor Easy model, measures the compression force of the spring.

The compression force in Newton or Kg, gr, lb, oz is displayed on the force gauge. The displacement value is measured and displayed on the linear ruler located on the side of the manual test stand in mm or inch. The test stand is hand operated, thanks to its wheel-handle, with a displacement of 2.

Manufacturing a Variety of Testing Equipment to Meet your Quality Control Standards.

The spring is installed between the top compression platen and the bottom self-leveling compression platen. To initiate a test, the handle-wheel is manual operated. The upper compression platen that is connected to the force gauge is then driven in the compression direction and spring is pressed.The system firmware includes functions to automatically zero the unit when no torque is applied and automatically calibrate the unit using only a 25 lb weight. The unit can display torque readings in inch pounds or Newton meters.

The unit can display the highest torque in either direction, the highest torque in both directions and real-time torque measurements. The unit will display torque readings from 1. When not in use, the unit will automatically shut itself off after 30 seconds. The auto shut-off feature can be disabled. A positive tip 9 V. Operation: This operational section assumes that all dipswitches are in the default position and that the unit has been initialized, calibrated and zeroed.

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The default dipswitch settings are indicated in BOLD type. At this point, the unit will display the highest torque applied in either direction.

The torque will be displayed until the RESET button is pressed again, at which time a new reading is initiated. If other than 0 see Auto Zero. The ERR message is an Error message and means the memory has been erased and the unit will need to be calibrated.

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In order to calibrate this unit you will need a SecurePak Calibration Kit with instructions or the unit can be sent to SecurePak for calibration. The decimal point. During this time the chassis should not have any torque applied or be disturbed in any way. The software will attempt to adjust the unit to the zero point. When the function is completed, the decimal point. The Calibration mode is for calibrating unit only. Proper weights and equipment are needed to calibrate this unit.

If any buttons are pushed while the unit is in Calibration Mode, and user is not calibrating the unit, the Calibration values of the unit are void. CPOW: the - sign will be on the remove side.

CWNEG: the - sign will be on the apply side. In NORM mode the unit will display the highest torque applied in either direction. In AUTO mode the display will alternate between and show both the highest clockwise torque and the highest counter-clockwise torque.

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When on battery power, it is recommended the operator select SHDN mode to increase battery life. Some bottlers make a check on each line each hour of operation. Since capping machine chucks operate as independent units, it s best to test packages from each chuck. In routine checking, this may be accomplished by simply taking the requisite number of bottles from the line.Subscribe to the Daily PDF or the News Alerts Sign Up for Alerts.

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download securepak spring torque tester manual high school

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Very few executives in the world, most of whom head very large companies, can boast of similar pay packages, and in most cases, the vast majority of their compensation is stock-based to align it with shareholder interests. It employs a relatively small number of employees (more than 3,000 according to their website), and is mostly owned by Denise Coates and her family. It appears to be perfectly legitimate at least from a legal perspective. Coates owns a controlling stake in Bet365, and she can pay herself whatever salary she wants.

Making a difference Environment Supporting research: our facilities, funding and partnerships. Environment People Meet some of the experts who are producing world-class research. People Innovation and enterprise Capitalising on research: our commitment to enterprise. Innovation and enterprise Study Undergraduate Degrees that offer inspirational teaching and great prospects. Postgraduate Other courses A variety of part-time degrees, short courses and summer schools. Other courses International Discover our welcoming community for international students.

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